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2014 Skeeter SX 240 24ft
USD $64,950
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Status: Sold
Category: Center Console Length: 24ft
Make/Model: Skeeter SX 240 Location: Merritt Island, FL, FL United States
Year: 2014 Price: $64,950
2015 Skeeter SX 240 bay boat for sale located in Merritt Island, Florida powered by a Yamaha 300 Four Stroke outboard with 370 low hours and stainless steel prop. This low hour Skeeter Bay Boat is a very versatile fishing machine. Reach into the shallows of the lagoons with only 15” of draft or head offshore to where the bigger fish hang. With this boat being the larger style bay boat but lighter than a larger center console of its size you’ll find she is easy to trailer to wherever you’re next fishing adventure awaits you. This 24’ Skeeter center console also comes equipped with numerous rod holders, locking rod lockers, helm leaning post with removable backrest, a four bank onboard battery charger, Lenco trim tabs with gauges, Lowrance HDS-9 Gen two touch with chartplotter, 6" hydraulic jack plate, 8' Power Pole, Minn Kota Riptide RT 101 trolling engine, custom made fishing seat and leaning post, two live wells, large insulated fish boxes, fresh water wash down, and custom boat wrap which can be easily removed to get the dark blue color you’ll see at the keel. Also equipped is a brand new 2015 Skeeter aluminum trailer with disc breaks on both axels and foldable tongue, two canvas covers, motor cover and power pole cover. The boat motor and trailer are all still under factory warranty and easily transferable. All service has been done professionally on a strict 100-hour schedule. Skeeter fiberglass boats have been around since the late 1940s making them one of the oldest boat builders to date. Skeeter Boat Company has always held the greatest reputation for not only building top notch fishing boats for all fishing enthusiast but have also held a leading reputation for customer service. For 13 consecutive years Skeeter boats was recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction for all fiberglass boats. When you buy a Skeeter boat you can rest assured you are getting one of the best-engineered boats on the water. Please contact Bond Boats for further information. Make it a great day. Go Boating! Bond Boats represents fine quality pre-owned boats and yachts. Our marine experts will help ensure your next purchase or sale is a trouble free and great experience. Our Florida location provides worldwide yacht sales and yacht brokerage services. Looking for the perfect boat? I can help. Contact Jonathan Bond at (407) 873-5740 or and visit to view our entire inventory. Go Boating! #goboating #bondboats


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